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Tebe Trazim


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„Holy Ghost,
let your mercy rays
shining down on us“

The catholic-charismatic prayer community „Emanuel“ from Berlin (Germany) welcomes you on her official website.

The Holy Ghost is the real power of the church. When we believe in this, miracles will happen: People around us will be healed, they convert to the Church, arise to new life and will be saved!

About the Holy Ghost
(Expertations of writings from the Catholic Church)

„The healing mind is wonderful: as in dimension, as around the world – in the past, present and the future – devations are propagated, also the presence and impression ot the Holy Ghost is diffused.“

„The Holy Ghost represent the talent, which joins our heart together with the devotion. Just now in our hard present time we need an huge amount of prayer“

„Confronted with the humans worst deleteriousness, individual persons as well as
communities are searching an force, which might to give the honorableness back to the human and save them against themselves, against their own confusions and misconduct. In this manner they discover the prayer, and in the devotion they meet the Holy Ghost.“

„Let miracle happen also in the present time, new Pentecost, and give that the holy Church preserve the unique and dureable prayer, effuse the realm of the godly Redeemer, the empire of truth and fairness, the empire of love and peace together with Jesus’ mother Maria and under the direction of the holy Petrus.“
(Pope Johannes XXIII on the occasion of convention the 2nd vaticanian council)

„The catholic-charismatic reformation has helped many Christians to adept the presence and power of the Holy Ghost in their own life, but also in the Church and the hole world. This discovery inspire their faith in Jesus Christ
and comply them with pleasure, huge amount of love for the Church and tolerant surrender for their evangelical assigment.“
Pope Johannes Paul II to the member of the 9th conference for the leader of the charismatic reformation, Fiugi, on October 30th 1998)

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