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„Look, the Virgin Mary will concieve a child, she will give birth to their son and he will have the name Emanuel, which means: God is with us.“ The pracer community Emanuel has found on the 1st January 2005. A few believers inspired by the Holy Ghost have unite for growing up in faith together. They searched for a deeper creed experience in prayer, the Sacramentan, int he Scriptures. The community grows up in mind and love and do it upto today: We want to adept more deeper god, which is the healing love. The community is justified on two columns of love: Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. They act in the Diocese of Berlin under the direction of the priests Martin Mlakar and P. Alexander Nitsche. The weekly meetings are directed by the layman Ante Matijasevic. The community would like to have a share within the chaplain reformation for the Catholic Church. We want to help the humansto recognize the charisma and talent, which they have get from their god. We pray in the community for every human and for a better world. So there were an prayer activity created – the „Flamy of Love“: it will be prayed and fasted fo the church, for the priests, for the conversion of the sinner and for the souls of purgatory. The members pray daily and in especial manner on their meetings. They takes place on every:

  • THUESDAY at 19.00  (in german & croatian language)

We meet each ohter at

Pfarrkirche St. Bonifatius Yorkstr. 88/89 10965 Berlin

Additionally on each last Thuesday of a month at 18:30 we offer:

  • Prayer for Healing and Liberation
  • The Celebrate Mass
  • Adoration
  • Individual Mercy
  • Confession

„Therefore admit each other your sins and pray for one another, so that you will be mend. The impolring prayer of the ritheous is able to do great many.“( Jak. 5, 16)

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