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Here you can read about the god experiences of people, which has visited our group.

“I am a member of the Emanuel prayer group for a long time. I was afficted with anxiety states for years and very bad sleep disorder. The light have to be turned on every night. After the death of my husband the situation get so much to worse. On the verge of few months ago I felt a intensive heathiness over my body during the healing prayer in the Emanuel group. At this moment I thougth, that Jesus exempt me from my fear. Since that time I spell like a child without a burning light in the night. Jesus had helped me. Thank you, Jesus!” (Marija)

“I had bad problems with my hearth. The doctors couldn’t help me. I’ve talkeld with Malte about this one day, that we should forgive all people, who force on us, because no remission is a inexpugnable barrier for healing. He call on us to excuse all people. In my heart I bed for grace to excuse. I felt some big convective flow of heat in the heart area. As Ante apply his hands on me, I felt down and I rest in soul. I was like my heart was replaced. My heart beats acute, then it ease again and all my problems were gone. Thank you, Jesus!” (Josipa)

“I asked Ante to pray for Nikola, which had peel pangs for a lonf time. Durnig the health prayer Ante told us, that Jesus can mend someon from his pangs. I bear witness, that Nikola was really releived from her pangs. Alleluja!” (Ankica)

“My name is Ankica and I like to bear witness, that I was relieved from depressions, anxiety and backbone pangs durnig the healing and rscue prayer at the group of Emanuel. Thank you, Jesus!” (Ankica)

“I had bad backbone pangs.┬áDuring the healing prayer I felt intensive heartiness streaming through my spine. Since that time the pangs are gone. Thank you, Jesus!” (Anica)

“I was suffered from a anguish experience in my childhood. ┬áDuring the healing prayer Ante told us, that Jesus is relieving someone from his anxieties just right now, that had similar experiences. Thank you, Jesus! I’m not afraid any more!” (Anda)

“Since I am in the prayer group Emanuel, my life has changed radically. I have met Jesus during praying and singing. With him everything is easier to handle. I thank god for his enormous love.” (Nada)

“I was anrgy and in a bad temper for the most time. Everything was disturbing me. Since I take part in the Emanuel meetings, I am feeling a deep peace inside of me. I thank Jesus for hits peace and love. I praise you, Jesus!” (Mara)

“In the prayer group Emanuel I discover paece and gladness. Thank you, lovely Jesus!” (Dragica)

“Since my birth one of my legs was two centimeters briefer that the other one. The consequence were bad haunch and backbone pangs. Over the years my condition get worse and the pangs were intolerable. During the healing prayer Ante said, that a women is healing at this moment. As I fall down and rest in soul, I felt some heartiness and strong extraction in my sick leg. Since that my legs have the same length, which was confirmed by various doctors. I am still under medical treatment, but the pangs are minimal. I close believe, that one day they will be gone. My Lord, I thank you!” (Marija)

“My name is Katica. I have lived fifty-eight years without god. I never had time for him. I never thought about him. As I heared, that the Emnuel group will offer three days of self-communion, I don’t wanted to take part of; but on the verge of I perceive the desire to to there. At the first dasy Ante talked about the confession. I confess the last time for fifty-eight yeras. I had the desire to confess my sins. I did this at the next day and after that I felt a big pleasure and ease. Jesus had wait for me for all the years. Thank you, Jesus! I praise you, Jesus! I love you, Jesus!” (Katica)

Do you have maked similar experiences? So please leave a comment at this site. We would look forward to meet your story.



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